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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

"mixed cake" and christmas markets

 i stitched one more patched circle and decided to call these "mixed cakes"
(as "Color wheels" normally follow certain rules - and these do not;))

it is a fun leisure time play and meanwhile on my "WIP" Cloth are two of them:

on thursday i was in munich and the weather was chilly cold, but dry and so i went to two markets.
i thought i would only walk around (because most of the booth are there every year),
but then i bought some little things anyway,
as these canoinha pods (colored in)
... maybe good for presenting some nuts etc ...

and i couldn´t resist these fabric stamps:
very tasty: various (organic) spice - some apt to mix with creme fraiche for yummy Dips:
funny: old Vinyl Albums with matching laser cuts,
provided with clockwork (not bought)

this Festival always gives a lot of impulse for recycling -
and so does some artwork here and there...

i had time enough to also attend the Christmas market in Schwabing,
which is an art fair actually - People are only allowed to offer handmade things.
lots of ceramics, glass, Wood, felted things, toys, jewelry and much more.
the next pic Shows some "Paravents"/ garden fences, optical dividers - made of various materials held together with wire. i really regret i do not have space for them;)

this year is the 40th anniversary of this market,
and each year they bring out a new motif mug.
i collected them for quite some years (but missed the last few)
and this is the new one:
and finally one of my absolute favorite booth there,
the man who is selling copper kaleidoscopes
on his Website i found a Little Video (2 min - highly recommended).
i did not know that this year was the 200th anniversary of the kaleidoscope
(well, forerunners were known to the ancient Greeks
[thus the word, which translates "look to beautiful shapes"])
over the years i spoilt myself with three of them:
now i thought i could try to photograph through the lenses...

and making a clipping of one of the views i got this "icy" Piece:
i played with this one, added a layer from holliewood, a Silhouette from my collection and a final framing layer from shadowhouse
(and i learned a new Feature in PS this week... - but don´t yet have a perfect command of it)
so i created These two pics...
you know that game - i loved to play it in my childhood:
and played with another one... inverting it...
and then added filters: liquify and ripple
then stopped playing,
because this could become endless;))

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

free embroidery and onion dyeing

this week i continued with my free embroidery on woven fabric pieces...
i trace the shapes freehand with a self-eliminating pen, just to have a certain Feeling for the space while stitching. i love doing this when watching tv etc...

so meanwhile i have finished three of these pieces -
my "work in Progress" wall is filling up...
i finally got some onion skins from a friend (People always forget to save them for me, because this is such an ordinary thing... and i can´t collect some myself, as because of my colitis this vegetable is not part of my eating habits)

so i boiled some onion skins and added a piece of a white bed sheet,
let it soak for some hours and hang it outside to dry.
i love the mottled look (actually intended it).
added some vinegar to hopefully fix the Color (was suggested on some Websites i investigated; they also say, onion is not very stable to light over longer time - will see...)
i will iron the Piece and then rip a stripe of it apart and wash one Piece only, to compare how much the color will loosen.

i also put one of my sunprints into the leftover brew -
makes a good sun or moon i think.

now that the season brings colder temperatures, i drink some tea during the day.
i´m sure you also bought some already just because of its look;)
it is from sweden and meanwhile has another Label (i liked the older better - the one you see here, if i remember right it even won a prize)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

color wheel and an exhibition

i found no time for more travel photos, 
so maybe they come at a later Point.
but i continued with my Color wheel...
first i filled up the empty segments,
then i did more embroidery on them:

some details:

currently the days are alternating between sunny
(as the current week is forecasted)
with morning photos like these...

but on the other side there were some really dreary "November rain" days like on saturday, so the best solution was to go to an exhibiton/market with a friend:
 we had been there last year and liked it. it is very versatile in its products and you could spend some Money there, if you want to spoil yourself;)
i met Petra hassan again, from whom i bought some wonderful Indigo dyed pieces last year

and couldn´t resist this awesome Little pocket (about tablet size)...
well, actually i could buy the whole booth, all of her fabrics are just gorgeous!
another Thing i bought was this Screen printed kitchen towel (large) from orike muth
some "different" bags and purses, i like their special shapes,
but actually there are no occasions in my life where i could use them...

(same to say about most of the Fashion Outfits there: extraordinary, beautiful, pricey and i´m not attending any Events where i could wear them.)
quite some felted Things,
as this "coral scarf" from

or These cute critters from

also familiar from last year: ruth feile´s children books -
the exhibited originals are sewn with lots of Details.
so charming! if i will ever have a grandchild...

i especially loved the work of rita zepf, who is "painting" or drawing with her sewing machine...

... and the strips from sabine kinder:
and finally a funny booth with paper maché creations from Dorothea Siegert-Binder

(somehow the cake always lands "on" my hips in a different way;))

the figure above is named "coffee to go"
but we finished our trip with a Snack in the Restaurant on the ground floor
salad with various seeds and a pils